Go with your dog to the beach

go with the dog to the beach

Things to consider if we want to take our dog to the beach.

At present time, it is more and more common to see people taking dogs to the beach, a thing that probably was quite unlikely in the past but today has change, since families now do not want to abandon their pet under any circumstance.

Nevertheless, taking a dog to a beach requires a series of things to consider, in terms of safety, precautions, car transportation, accidents and others, since it is clear that a beach environment is not the most suitable for the canine because of the extreme heat, sand, salty water and other hazards.

Now, with the next steps and things to consider if we want to bring our dog to the beach, such task will become easier and the dog for sure is going to have a good time, under our watching and ahead preparation. Like this, heat shocks, dehydration and other accidents are less possible to occur.

  1. Preparations focused on the dog before getting to the beach.
  2. What to do in relation to the dog arriving to the beach.
  3. What to do with the dog during the car trip?.

1. Preparations focused on the dog before getting to the beach

In first place, if we want to take the dog to the beach with us there is the need to prepare a bag with everything it may require during the journey and stay. For example, such bag must have a food container and a drink container, a towel, sun protection cream (in case the dog has fine fur), food, cookies, abundant water, legal papers, an umbrella, and protectors for dog legs.

However, one of the most important things to consider to include in the bag are toilet paper and containers to collect the dog’s needs, since we must keep the beach clean for other to enjoy safely. Also, to include a toy in the bag is also a great idea because the dog can be entertained during the journey in the car and in the beach

2. What to do in relation to the dog arriving to the beach.

At the time of arriving the beach, the first thing to do is putting on the protectors for dog legs to the canine, since like this our pet will not get hurt on burn with the hot sand. Later, we are going to look for a place at the beach with shadow or not direct sunlight to maintain our dog there, placing the food and drink containers near with a lot of food and water.

Now, for sure our dog is very curious and it will be walking and running around the beach. Well, to avoid heat shocks and burn wounds because of the sun, we are going to keep an eye for the canine to be drinking lots of water, along with applying the sun protection cream.

It is very important to keep an eye on the dog every time, so accidents like drowning or eating strange things can be avoided, among others. Also, to prevent dehydration or other related events, it is better to let the dog walk through the beach only in the morning or late hours in the afternoon, since in the noon the sun is quite strong and can be dangerous for our canine.

In the case we want our dog to get in the water, we can do it but only if the dog is alright with it and it is in a little deep zone with no surges whatsoever, since if the water is brave our pet can get scarred and swallow salty water that can be dangerous.

3. What to do with the dog during the car trip?

While we are going to the beach and the car trip is being carried out, we must insure the dog´s safety at any time. So, the best thing to do is to put someone responsible in the family in charge of the dog, so it will not be moving around and bothering everyone during the trip. In this case, the dog´s toy put in the bag previously can be very useful, since it will keep the canine entertained.

On the other hand, in case of dehydration or heat shock in the car or on the beach, the best thing to do is giving cold water to the dog and also get the dog wet with it.

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  1. Ramil P. Hinolan


    If we love our dogs, we should have them with us wherever we go. These helpful tips will go a long way in ensuring the safety of our canine babies in a new environment. Cheers to this great advice.


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